Eligibility Guidelines and Policies

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All of our programs are for individuals 60 years of age or older living in the greater Dripping Springs area. Financial Assistance is our only program where qualifying is based on an applicant’s income.


  1. The Friends Foundation will accept applications for Financial Assistance (pages 1-4) completed in entirety for individuals 60 years of age or over. Requests for Financial Assistance must clearly state the need, the dollar amount being requested, and other foundations, groups, or individuals who have been contacted regarding the need. Applications will remain valid for one year. Any additional request for financial assistance will require completing the Request for Supplemental Financial Assistance form (page 5) found within the Application on this website. The Application or Request for Supplemental Financial Assistance will be reviewed by The Friends Foundation’s board in accordance with the guidelines stated below. Applications are available for download at the link below or by mail.
  2. All requests for Financial Assistance must include proof of residency in the greater Dripping Springs area. Requests must further include the applicant’s physical address and mailing address, home and work telephone numbers and e-mail address, if applicable.
  3. If the applicant’s income is great enough to require filing an income tax return, all requests for Financial Assistance must also include a copy of the applicant’s two (2) most recent tax returns, unless already on file. Applicants must also complete a financial statement of assets including amounts held in currency, bank accounts, savings accounts, or certificates of deposit, or the market value of stocks, bonds, mutual funds and similar liquid assets, but not including the value of the applicant’s home or other fixed assets.
  4. No applicant will be considered if their Area Median Income exceeds the level defined by the Department of Housing and Urban Development (“HUD”) as “very low income” (50% of Median Income) for the Austin / Round Rock Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA) as adjusted annually by HUD. NOTE: Hays County is part of the Austin / Round Rock, TX MSA.
    Click here to view the 2023 Income Limits Summary
  5. All requests for Financial Assistance will be kept strictly confidential unless the applicant directs otherwise to The Friends Foundation in writing. The Friends Foundation will only distribute approved Financial Assistance funds to the service provider.
  6. Some examples of services which The Friends Foundation will consider for funding are:
    • Dentures and Dental exams
    • Eyeglasses and exams
    • Hearing aids and Hearing exams
    • Medication expenses not covered by Medicare or Medicaid
    • Retrofitting homes
    • Utility bills and rent
    • Wheel chairs, shower chairs, bedside commodes, walkers, crutches and other necessary devices not covered by Medicare or Medicaid.

You can download an application and print for Financial Assisstance